Lilac + flint

lilac + flint

Your go-to, all-in-one skincare brand. From sensitivity, deep lines, and wrinkles to pigmentation, texture, and lack of tone, we’ve got you covered! No need to invest in multiple brands to get the acne-safe, anti-aging results you’ve been searching for!

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acne-safe, anti-aging skincare


She is dependable, flexible, and super easy to communicate with. I love the website she created for me. I would absolutely work with her again, and recommend Sixth Avenue to anyone!

I have loved working with kiahna!

Lindsay Flint  -  the client

Lindsay Flint is a Licensed Esthetician with more than a decade of skincare experience under her belt. She’s been a Skin Therapist in San Francisco, Oakland and Palm Beach spas treating everything from pigmentation and deep lines & wrinkles to sensitivity and acne. It was her frustration with the lack of anti-aging solutions that were truly acne-safe that sparked lilac + flint into creation.

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